Historical Perspective of Abnormal Psychology

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  • Published : February 28, 2011
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Historical Perspective of Abnormal Psychology
Bridgette Jones
PSY/ 410
University of Phoenix

Historical Perspective of Abnormal Psychology
The study of the human mind and human behavior has evolved over time and remains the world’s greatest mysteries. Historically it has been a fascinating topic that has spanned time and today still remains amongst the most intriguing topics. However, the more ambiguous or culturally predicted behavior becomes it requires an explanation of what is considered to abnormal and or normal. Theories from demonic possession to biological have been a part of intense research. The quest surrounding combating and controlling abnormal behavior has been housed in three primary categories: Biological, Psychological, and the paranormal (Darmour & Hansell, 2008). Such research is what has lead to the development of what we know as abnormal psychology. Abnormal psychology is now a blossoming discipline in the field of psychology.

Origin of Abnormal Psychology
The discipline known as abnormal psychology has scientific discipline has existed for a little more than 100 years, dating beyond Biblical history (Hansell & Damour, 2008). The earliest explanation and or validation of mental illness were the amistic/spiritual approach. This approach was formulated from the belief that the metaphysical, spirit world has an affect on the corporeal observable world. The real-world presentation with regards to this belief in relation to psychopathology required the use of trepidation or the practice of boring holes in the skull of a living person with the expressed intent of releasing the evil spirit or spirits. This practice was common amongst Hispanic Aztec and Incan cultures as early as 3000 B.C. (Shieff, Smith & Wadley, 1997). In or around 460 B.C Hippocrates a Greek physician was the first to propose a biological explanation of abnormal behavior. He theorized that an imbalance in the four fluids- blood, phelgm, black bile, and yellow...
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