Historical Names

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Social Studies 10
BC Historical Names
* Gassy Jack Deighton:
* English born Canadian
* Bar owner, prosperous during Gold Rush
* New West
* Burrard Inlet
* Gastown named after him
* * Named “Gassy” because of this talkative nature

* Fredrick Seymour:
* Colonial Administrator, Second Governor of BC
* 1864-1866
* Mt. Seymour named after him

* Robert Dunsmuir:
* Scottish-Canadian
* Coal miner, railways developer
* Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway (E&N)
* Elected to legislature to represent Nanaimo (1882 & 1886) * Dunsmuir Street & Dunsmuir Middle school named after him

* H.J Cambie:
* English Canadian engineer
* Chief Surveyor of CPR
* Cambie Street, Cambie road, H.J Cambie Secondary & Cambie CPR station

* Sandford Fleming:
* Scottish born Canadian engineer
* Designed first Canadian postage stamp
* Engineered:
* Intercolonial Railway
* Founded:
* Royal Society of Canada
* Royal Canadian Institute (Science, Toronto)
* Fleming College (Ontario) Sir Sandford Fleming Elementary, Fleming Avenue (Ottawa) * George Vancouver:
* English officer of the Royal Navy
* Explored and charted Pacific Coast
* Alaska, BC, Washington, Oregon
* Vancouver Island, Vancouver (BC), Vancouver (Washington), Mount Vancouver (Yukon)

* William Van Horne:
* Succeeded Lord Mount Stephen as President of CPR
* Served as governor of McGill University
* Sir William Van Horne Elementary School,
* Streets named for him in
* Montreal
* Toronto
* Winnipeg
* Sudbury & Brandon

* Sewell Moody:
* Carpenter
* Brought Moodyville Sawmill Co. to Vancouver
* Established Moodyville
* First European settlement
* Burrard Inlet...
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