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  • Published : June 23, 2013
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Name: NGUYEN Ngoc Hien
ID: 11411001
Class: Media and popular culture (EA)
Date: November 1st, 2012

In our modern times, media plays the important role in our daily life. Due to the improvement of technology, media is not only an entertainment, but it also helps people to communicate, make relationship, or even get knowledge, such as television, newspaper, and films. Particularly, there are variety of historical media; however, the existence of historical films have been become one of the most popular concern not only among historians, film makers, but also us- normal people- society. Marnie Hughes-Warrington analyses the relationship between history and media through “History goes to movie”. With some significant characteristic of historical films: popularity and seriousness, persuasion and audience’s ambivalence, their role is neither entertainment nor education. Historical films are said to “reflect global interest in and uses of the medium” (Warrington, 2007, page 6); thus, they are history. From my own view, I am in the same opinion with her. The overall of historical films:

Generally, historical films have been become one of popular kinds of movies since 1910 in Italy, as researchers said “Epic films” (“The beginnings of the historical film”, para 1), which were shown to recreate past events. History is commonly thought as such an academic feature, a fact, or unchangeable truth. Consequently, there is history in any historical things, particularly historical media. However, in the past, historical films were said to be “vast, sweeping depictions of the ancient world that united spectacle, lavish set design, and narrative in a way that had an enormous influence on film style”( “The beginnings of the historical film”, para 1). Moreover, nowadays, Warrington illustrates that history in movies is not history, it is a production of “historicization”. Thanks to the media, the technology, and...
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