Historical Landmark Essay

Topics: Botany, Garden, Plants Pages: 2 (635 words) Published: November 10, 2011
Historical Landmark Essay
Na ‘Āina Kai is an ever evolving and unique botanical garden where you will find a rare palette of fauna, land, water, and climate. The numbers and varieties of plants and trees are astounding, and the meticulous care taken of them is clear. This is the place for both avid gardeners as well as people who think they don't like botanical gardens. The imaginary, fairy-tale creativity that has gone into these grounds will be one of your fondest memories of Kauai. The Doty’s and their love of this special place are evident in every turn. The stories about the creation of the gardens just makes you feel like to knew the garden's creators. The historical/cultural significance of these sculptures and the land itself tends to vex my curiosity in a special way. The owners clearly were willing to spend whatever it took to bring their vision into play, and it is evident that this has been a work of love. You will finish the day just awed by the beauty of this tucked-away gem of a property. Na ‘Āina Kai is much more than an utterly breathtaking view, but provide an ever-evolving array of natural wonders and human-crafted artistic creations. From the day it was established, they continue to preserve the land and natural resources for future generations of visitors from the Hawaiian Islands and around the world. "This non-profit organization continues to ensure its future sustainability through investment in forestry" (Acob). There are options for people who want to be active, and for those with small children. Na ‘Āina Kai’s “Under the Rainbow” Children’s Garden features a 16 foot tall bronze sculpture/fountain depicting Jack and the Beanstalk, "complete with the beautiful mosaic tiled story-in-picture foundation surrounding the sculpture" (DeDecker 8). The Children's Garden is a happy and educational environment for family tours and birthday parties. For adults who do not want to do much walking, motorized tours bring you from one part of the...
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