Historical Investigation on Ww2

Topics: World War II, World War I, Fighter aircraft Pages: 5 (1830 words) Published: February 20, 2012
How did advancements of aviation during WW2 led to modern civil travel?

Jesus Melgoza
March 31, 2011
Word count: 1,645

A: Plan of investigation
How did advancements of aviation during WW2 led to modern civil travel?

This investigation will look to see how the advancements of the modern airplane during WW2 helped to shape civil travel today. This investigation will be looking mainly at secondary sources like sources of the planes themselves and histories or company who specialize in the modern aircraft, primary sources will be used only to tell of the handling of the plane themselves. This investigation will look at only airplanes and no other major types of travel. The investigation will not look to major battles or causes of WW2. This investigation will also briefly discuss planes of WW1. B: Summary of Evidence

The first combat fighter jet was used in World War 1. Theses jets began an evolution in the way modern warfare was fought. The airplane provided a new battle ground that would shape new heroes that would completely change the face of war forever. And in the near future the face of travel. The first modern planes appeared on 1914, with very dramatic changes and improvements that gave way to some very magnificent planes. These planes were used in the First World War, coining that world war as the “war that started it all” (Great Achievements). Theses planes were the most advance that mankind had ever seen and along with new gun placed on the planes making them all the more deadly. Theses planes were the start and lead to the advancement of planes for WW2 Theses planes were most advance until the Second World War when a second and great push for more aviation technology was born. All of the world’s militaries began to invest high amounts of money into technology like the first bomber planes and stronger and faster fighter jets (Ace Pilots). Thanks to this military push for the rapid advancement of flying technology many companies such as Boeing began to revive a large amount of money from the U.S government to build the best planes around soon these companies began to become some of the largest names in Aviation (Boeing Timeline).

C: Evaluation of Sources:
The two sources I chose to focus on were the “Boeing History of The Super Fortress” and the “Boeing Timeline” theses two sources are the most important to my investigation because theses two sources are from a very successful company that was the main leader in long range bombers and even after the war managed to flourish and continue to make aircrafts. The “Boeing History of The Super Fortress” was originally published by the Boeing Company. The purpose of the document is to give a brief and clear understanding of the history of the most frequently used bomber the “Super Fortress” and its effect on WW2. The audience would be regular looking to gain more knowledge on the aircraft or doing a research paper on aviation. Is that the source clearly states general information on the aircraft both with attributes that the plane had making it so effective as well as general information on the release dated and to when to when the aircraft was used in war. Some limitations that are found is that there is a strong sense of bias found because the Boeing Company released this about one of its producing meaning that it will try and sugar coat and glorify some of things that plane can do. Also the point of view of the pilot is needed to understand how the aircraft handle from a person personal experience not just how the plane is supposed to handle. This is needed to see the effectiveness to the plane. The source “Boeing Timeline” was made by the Boeing Company. The purpose was to give the reader a brief understand of how the Boeing company began and ways it technology grew though the ages. The audience may be people who know very little about the company and wish to have some more in depth knowledge. Some values this source has are that it gives how...
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