Historical Investigation ; Charles Darwin

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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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Charles Darwin, one of the greatest intellectual master minds of the 19th century, was best known for his distinguished theories of evolution by the means of natural selection. His works, are one of the most respected and accurate understandings of the process of life and is the basis of modern evolution. Throughout this historical investigation, the main intentions presented are the environment in which Darwin produced the theory of evolution in and the production of this theory itself. Darwin, was born on the 12th of February 1809, he is the fifth out of the six children to Robert Darwin and Susannah Wedgwood. Charles Darwin came from a wealthy aristocratic family from a small town called Shrewsbury, his father was a well known physician and financier and son to the infamous poet and open-minded physician Erasmus Darwin. His mother, Susannah, was the daughter to pottery industrialist Josiah Wedgwood but sadly died when Darwin was eight. Charles was taken care of by his elder sisters and many hired maidservants throughout his childhood, he attended the local Anglican Shrewsbury School between 1818-1825 were science was shunned and considered dehumanizing; Darwin being interested in science was ridiculed by his classmates and nicknamed gas. He was quite a solitary child, who much preferred to spend his times on adventurous walks in which he collected many objects rather than associating with other children. His father sent him to study medicine in 1825 with his brother Erasmus Darwin at the University of Edinburgh. Robert Grant a lecturer and radical evolutionist was Darwin’s mentor, he taught him the science of marine invertebrates. Darwin, who wanted to further examine the topic, took interest in a course of zoology but found it ultimately dull. The tasks of the field of medicine that were placed upon him could not be handled as he could not stand the sight of blood or the primitive method of surgery, he...
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