Historical Foundations

Topics: Dialect, French language, Literary language Pages: 4 (1192 words) Published: May 19, 2013
The rise and spread of vernacular language is very interesting and unique. It was not until after the twelfth century that it began to catch on. The spread of vernacular language affected many different cultures in different ways. There were three key elements that assisted in the spread of vernacular languages. They were the need to spread the beliefs of religions, technological advances, and the role of women in society.

Historical Foundations
Among the first to begin the spread of the vernacular language was the French. Around the fourteenth century the vernacular works began to make their way around Europe. The conversion to vernacular language from Latin demonstrates an important change in the concern of refined literature. Many women had an impressive role in the rise of vernacular language as well. They also specially made works in the vernacular language; this assisted in preserving history (Bouchard, 2004). Around the fifteenth century, vernacular language became well established. It would be seen as a well-known language of literature, chronological record and personal communication. Vernacular language had the ability to increase and spread amongst others due to the lack of use of the Latin language by so many individuals. One thing that had a large impact on the spread of vernacular language was the ease it made on converting people to Christianity. There were many other things that assisted in the spread one very useful one was the technological advances. These technological advances made it easier and faster to produce vernacular work for others to read. Each of these events had a huge impact on the rise of vernacular language use all across the world (Bouchard, 2004). The way that vernacular language contributed to the ease of converting people assisted in making Christianity beliefs obtainable by a more broad population. Monks played a huge role in this. Since Monks were experienced in the...
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