Historical Development of a Library Information System

Topics: Library catalog, Library, Integrated library system Pages: 2 (469 words) Published: March 16, 2013
An information system is a collection of interacting parts whose purpose is to allow a user or group of users to locate and interpret information. It performs a set of information processes requiring participants, data/information and information technology. The 7 information proceses it performs are; collecting, organising, analysing, storing & retrieving, processing, transmitting & receiving and displaying. Information systems can be represented in the format of an Information System Diagram (ISD). An example of an information system is an integrated library system (ILS) otherwise known as a library management system (LMS).

The information system of a library includes the environment- location, authors/illustrators, book publishers/editors/suppliers, electricity supply and the council; the purpose- to organise and keep track of books/CD's/DVD's that are available to loan to the public and that have already been loaned to someone; the 7 information processes; participants- employees, managers, council staff, customers if they're searching for an item on a computer; data information- images(barcodes), numbers, text, member details, book/author/illustrator details, loan history, over-due notices and loan receipts and the information technology- computer hardware(keyboard, monitor, mouse, printer etc.), barcode scanner, wifi, database software and operating system.

Throughout history the information system of a library has been developed due to the use of electricity and modern technologies. Prior to this, each part of the system was done manually and independently. Managers ordered the books with ordering slips, cataloguers manually catalogued items and sorted them accordingly using the card catalog system (all bibliographic data was kept on a single index card), customers signed books out by signing their name on cue cards kept at the circulation desk. In 1936 a punch card system was created, which didn't have any impact on the other parts of the...
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