Historical Development of the Online Shopping Information System

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Historical Development of the Online Shopping Information System

Information systems consist of different components that work together to achieve a certain purpose. Now a growing global trend, online shopping facilities are becoming a common part of the everyday world. With the Internet, people can easily purchase a variety of global goods with a simple click – a huge change compared to the traditional methods before.

The development of this system is based on the need for people to trade and exchange goods and services. At the early beginnings of civilization, humans grow their own food and supplies for their needs. Over time they find a need for exchange, because it was impossible for one man to grow carrots and rice. And thus a barter system was made. This system made use of trading 'equivalent' goods or services for another, for example three carrots for two apples. The system only involves trading through basic communication skills (speaking, letters, etc.) and the goods themselves.

Although the barter system enabled people to trade, there was a major problem of reaching an agreement (as fifty apples might not be equivalent to a cow) and finding the right partner. Thus a medium of exchange, or what we now know as 'money', was created. The trading system evolved greatly because of money, as then people had to learn how to count and set prices. This means that they needed to use calculating tools, record journals, ledgers, and the information system environment was also affected by the supply of paper, money, and different currencies. Not only did this led to online shopping, but also a lot of other information systems – such as the financial banking system.

Over the years, as the world's information technology advances, many more elements are added to the shopping information system. A simple example would be the vast improvements with transportation and communication. In the early ages, many merchants had to travel dangerous...
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