Historical Development of Birmingham

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Historic Development
Until the seventeenth century Birmingham consisted mainly of small markets. This meant there were no outstanding buildings which attracted historians and there were not many written documents about historic Birmingham (Larkham, Slater and Pratt 2003). Birmingham's focal attraction was its economic development which interested historians and allowed Birmingham to grow and develop rapidly (Larkham, Slater and Pratt 2003). In the eighteenth century Birmingham began to develop as the Colmore estate became the base of the Victorian city centre and the jewellery quarter gave Birmingham the name 'manufacturing district'. From about 1770 Birmingham's industry was developing at a very fast rate and this attracted a large population and expanded the city (Larkham, Slater and Pratt 2003). The development of Birmingham's industry over populated the city which meant new building had to take place to house the population and create new jobs. Working class buildings were built using the minimum amount of space needed to house a maximum amount of people. Back to back houses were built as they would house a large amount of people using a small amount of space to house the increasingly large population who were migrating to Birmingham (Larkham, Slater and Pratt 2003). Current Development Proposals

In the twenty-first century further redevelopment took place. The bullring area was one of the most iconic regeneration projects as the new Selfridges building raised Birmingham's profile and made the city internationally recognised (Larkham, Slater and Pratt 2003). The success of the bullring shopping centre has now improved chances of the eastside regeneration project taking place making it more likely to become as successful as the bullring. Development is always taking place around the world and in Birmingham several large regeneration projects are seeking planning permission. Within the Digbeth and bullring area there are some current development...
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