Historical Changes in 1900

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Historical Changes in 1900

By | Jan. 2011
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Assess the impact of economic, political, social and philosophical change on the world in 1900. Whether it was in the facets of economics, politics, social structure or philosophy, the changes which occurred during the fin de siecle period around 1900 had a truly profound impact upon the nations, events and peoples of the world. The second industrial revolution was the catalyst and driving force behind economic change in the late 19th century. The economic changes which took place had a significant impact on the strength of nations as a whole and also on the internal conditions within different European societies. The fin de siecle period around 1900 was a time of change around the world, whether it was in the facets of economics, politics, s Thesis: The 19th century was a time of great change as a result of industrialisation and the emergence of many new and powerful ideas

The Western world during the late 1800s and early 1900s saw dramatic change take place in many facets of society due to the second industrial revolution. As a result of the increases in technology and new means of producing wealth, the conditions within European society at the time facilitated a shift of power away from the aristocracy and towards the bourgeoisie. The rising numbers and power of this new middle class then led to liberal demands of individual rights, constitutions, representative governments and free enterprise capitalist economies. It was these ideals within the middle classes which eventually brought about advancements in society, and marked a major step towards achieving some sort of democracy. This was evident in the establishment of the Reichstag in Germany On the other hand, industrial change led to severe repercussions for the proletariat class which were often exploited for their labour. This was a common feature of many European countries at the time however the impact of industrialisation was especially evident in Russia. During the 1890s as a result of Sergei...

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