Historical Chain of Cause and Effect

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany, Nazism Pages: 4 (1235 words) Published: March 29, 2012
History is made every second. At the point of occurrence, many of these events seem insignificant. If one looks back throughout history, they will realize that although there is no consistent pattern, every single unrelated event, somehow, results in being related to the other. These relationships can be causal, effectual, or correlated. Although there are trillions of events available to study this chain of relativity, we will look at the chain of individual events pertaining to the Hindenburg air ship, Hitler and the Nazi’s rise to power, and the spread of Hepatitis B.

The beginning of the twentieth century was when air travel made its entrance and claimed its position in commercial and private travel. In 1900, Germany first began creating massive airships, called zeppelins, for first experimental purposes, then for military and civilian travel. After the success of the LZ-127 (a zeppelin in flight from 1928-1937), the Nazi regime funded the project for the LZ-129 in 1931.

Hugo Eckener was the head of the Zepellin Company and although funds were low for the project due to the Stock Market Crash, Josef Goebbels (Hitler’s propaganda prime minister) and Hermaan Goering offered Eckener 2 million marks and 9 million marks, respectively. Goering was Air Minister at the time and persuaded Eckener to divide the company into two divisions: the Luftschiffbau Zeppelin (LZ - the original Zeppelin Company) and the Deutsche Zeppelin-Reederei (DZR). The agreement of the DZR was that Goering would take control of all operations regarding zeppelin flight.

Unbeknownst to most is that in addition to having control of airship operations, the goal of the DZR was to have the LZ-129 become the face of Nazism. Eckener did not support the Nazis and in order to have the LZ-129 symbolize the Nazi movement, Goering put Nazi supporter Ernst Lehmann in charge of the DZR. After completing multiple Nazi propaganda flights, the LZ-129 was ready for civilian travel.

The LZ-129 was...
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