Historical Accuracy of Freedom Writers

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  • Published : January 8, 2008
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Freedom Writers

Gang violence in Los Angeles was at its prime in 1992 right after the infamous Rodney King incident and Los Angeles riots that locked down the city for three days. (Rodney King and the Los Angeles Riots, http://www.citivu.com/ktla/sc-ch1.html) Teenagers in the rough neighborhoods of California thought that they were destined to become gang members with their respective races, to fight a battle that their ancestors started. During this time period, teenage gang members felt that high school was forced education and that they were only in there because the government forced them in there. The movie first portrays the students as kids who don’t know any better than to survive on the streets, Erin Gruwell inspired her students to success far greater than any street life can bring. Freedom Writers is historically accurate. (ChasingTheFrog, http://www.chasingthefrog.com/reelfaces/freedomwriters.php)

Racial segregation is characterized by boundaries of different races in daily life such as using a restroom, going to the movies or eating at a restaurant. It is a form of racism where one race does not have the rights to do everyday activities like the regular predominant in that certain area. The most infamous event of discrimination and segregation in the world was during World War II in Nazi Germany lead by Adolf Hitler. Nazism intended to wipe out and kill everyone who was Jewish, Ukrainian, Homosexuals and the Polish because they believed they were impure. (History Learning Site, http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/Jews_Nazi_Germany.htm) Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated for leading black people in the United States to fight for their civil rights; Malcolm X inspired King who died for the same cause. White supremacy was all throughout the United States of America during the early 1900’s, to this day racial segregation still exists in North America with regular support from reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. (Martin Luther King Jr,...
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