Hist/110 Clash of Cultures

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, Slavery, United States Pages: 3 (857 words) Published: July 11, 2012
Clash of Cultures
The interaction between the Colonists and the Native Americans was intense from the moment the Colonist set foot in what they named Jamestown. The relationship between these two diverse groups was further complicated by the introduction of West Africans slavery trades into their already tense living circumstances and arrangements. The mingling of these three culture groups would lead to an historical event of culture clash.

As in most cultures, there are wide margins that exist when it comes to religion, social, and power over land. These problems were apparent especially among the Native Americans and the Colonists. Colonists were Catholics and Protestants as opposed to their Native American counterparts. The Indians practiced polytheistic and animistic religions, where they worshiped spirits and the nature. The West Africans were farmers by nature and practiced their traditional religions. They believed in a supreme God and demi Gods. However, some West Africans practiced the Islam religion and voodoo in secret. Unlike the world in which we live now, the Native Americans and the West Africans were at times forced to convert to Christianity or suffer punishment as severe as death.

The establishment of Jamestown by the Virginia Company of London is important in American history. Jamestown began with the inhabitation of 104 colonists, with some of these colonists having different views on its political function. The first years of life since Jamestown’s establishment were not a thriving one. Subsequently, this period made a dark mark in history by the events recorded since the birth of Jamestown.

There came a period in Jamestown’s history where disease and sources of food was scarce. This period is identifiable as the “starving time,” which led to one colonist to cannibalization. (Schultz, 2012, Ch. 2, p. 31). There were only 60 surviving colonists after this period was over in Jamestown. These events were only complicated by the already...
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