Hispanics, High School Dropouts and the Ged

Topics: High school, Dropout, Ethnic group Pages: 1 (367 words) Published: February 3, 2011
According to the Pew Hispanic Center, the rate of high school dropouts that are Hispanic is staggeringly higher than other ethnic groups. Furthermore, the rate of dropouts that go on to get a GED is also significantly lower. Some 41% of Hispanics are high school dropouts, and of that 41% only 1 in 10 gets a GED. In an interview with Dr. Rosemary Gonzalez, she was told the statistics from this article, and asked to comment on her thought in general about the level of Hispanic drop out. Dr. Gonzalez stated that in her opinion it is high, and that it can even reach up to 68% in East LA. She was then asked why she thought there are more Hispanic dropouts than any other ethnicity. Dr. Gonzalez commented that she already knew that Hispanics have a higher drop out rate, and that it seemed to be because, Hispanics usually attend under-funded schools that do not have enough text books, and offer a lesser standard quality of instruction. Also, that stereo political discrimination pushes Hispanics away from school environments because they feel unwanted and out of place. Her feelings on this topic are unfortunate. The topic was further explored when Dr. Gonzalez was asked why that of the dropouts, mostly only the native-born Hispanics continue on to get a GED. She replied that first it depends on their age because if you come from Mexico most schools finish as of the 9th grade. Children tend to stop schooling to work, so for most Mexicans it is normal to drop out at this age. Mexicans living in the United States tend to keep up with their culture and contribute from a young age. The language barrier also causes many students to drop out because they simply cannot understand everything being taught. Lastly, the interview was concluded upon her final thoughts concerning why foreign-born Hispanic students seem to have a lower standard than the native born. Dr. Gonzalez informed us that there are statistics saying that foreign-born students actually do better than the local...
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