Hispanic Marketing Communication

Topics: Marketing, Marketing research, Culture Pages: 12 (1928 words) Published: December 6, 2010

| | |Hispanic Marketing Communication | |ADV 3410 – Online Course | |Department of Communication | |Florida State University | |Summer 2010 |

INSTRUCTOR: Holly McGavock
EMAIL: hmcgavoc@gmail.com
PHONE: (850) 339-9970
MSN Messenger: hmcgavoc@hotmail.com
Office hours via MSN: Monday-Friday 10am – 5pm

INTRODUCTION:  Welcome to Hispanic Marketing Communication.  This is a unique course part of an interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate Program and an Undergraduate Minor at FSU.  It is also part of a larger effort called “The FSU Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication,” the only one of its kind in the US.  

The intended participants for this course are students who intend to be professionally involved in serving the US Hispanic market as marketers, service providers, advertisers, and/or advertising strategy developers.  

This course allows the student to place him/herself among the few professionals in the US that understand the US Hispanic market.  It should be clear that your proactive participation in this course will determine the extent to which you will benefit from the knowledge and practice that the course offers.  Many product and service providers, and their ad agencies, in the US are actively pursuing the Hispanic market.  There are many employment opportunities for those who can show competence in addressing the needs and wants of US Hispanics.

FORMAT:  The course is designed for active participation. The discussion forums can be used to discuss any questions, comments and observations that students want to make related to the weekly topic or Hispanic Marketing Communication in general. Each student is expected to participate in meaningful discussions throughout the semester that indicate knowledge of the assigned material. In addition, the course will consist of weekly readings, power point presentations, papers, and/or discussion topics.

The “Library” on Blackboard will be used to make many class materials available.

The following text is REQUIRED:

1) Hispanic Marketing: A Cultural Perspective by Felipe Korzenny, Betty Ann Korzenny (2005). Publisher Butterworth-Heinemann- Elsevier. You can find this book at the university bookstore or on Amazon.com. Please make sure you have the text by the second week of class.

In addition, a list of recommended readings will be posted on the course website. 

 At the end of the semester the student will be able to:
• Describe the US Hispanic market according to its salient characteristics • Enumerate the factors that make the Hispanic market different from other culturally unique markets • Understand the dynamics that influence the uniqueness of the market • Interpret Hispanic cultural patterns in a marketing framework • Identify strategic elements that enhance the communication between the marketer and the Hispanic consumer. • Analyze and create segmentation approaches for reaching the Hispanic market • Understand measurement and other methodological issues that influence how Hispanic marketing research should be conducted • Conduct a Hispanic marketing study to guide a marketing strategy • Generate a marketing strategy based on an understanding of the Hispanic market and its segments • Generate positioning...
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