Hispanic Groups and Discrimination

Topics: Discrimination, Affirmative action, Employment Pages: 3 (974 words) Published: August 19, 2009

Hispanic Groups and Discrimination

This paper discusses the immigration of Hispanics to the United States in which they faced prejudice, segregation and racism. We will discuss such topics as dual labor market, affirmative actions, quotas, instructional discrimination, reverse discrimination, glass ceilings, glass walls and glass escalators. “Hispanic workers are among the fastest growing segments of the U.S. labor force,” said Jesse Caballero, Senior Career Advisor for empleosCB.com, a subsidiary of CareerBuilder.com focused on online job search for the Hispanic community. “They are also among the two groups reporting the highest levels of severe discrimination in the workplace. Fifteen percent said they have been addressed with a racial slur at work. Roughly one-in-four feel they are paid less and have fewer career advancement opportunities compared to their Caucasian counterparts.”

Hispanic Groups and Discrimination
The Hispanic Community has seen it share of discrimination through out history. There are programs in place that allow Hispanics that immigrate to the United States that allow for fair and partial treatment, both in society and the work place. The United States Government has enacted several acts to ensure this. But are the programs and acts working? To answer these questions, we take a look at what many think is still a problem.

The definition of Dual Labor Marker, according to Wikipedia, is, “The secondary sector is characterized by short-term employment relationships, little or no prospect of internal promotion, and the determination of wages primarily by market forces. In terms of occupations, it consists primarily of low or unskilled jobs, whether they are blue-collar (manual labor), white-collar (e.g. filing clerks), or service industry (e.g. waiters). These jobs are linked by the fact that they are characterized by “low skill levels, low earnings, easy entry, job...
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