Hispanic and Latino Spirituality

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Communication, Meaning of life Pages: 2 (713 words) Published: October 29, 2012
Hispanic and Latino Spirituality
Crystal Davila
ENG 301 American Ethnic Literature
University of Phoenix
Julie Kares
October 22, 2012

Hispanic and Latino Spirituality
Throughout our life’s each day we communicate with each other through the exchange of information. Our verbal and nonverbal communication skills are used to process this information. Speaking, listening, and body language are our ability to understand the meaning of communication that we develop throughout our lives. This brings me to understand why we develop new things every day and learn the reasons for different things. However, in the Hispanic/Latino literature they express spirituality, magic, and myth play as an important role in their literature. For instant the purpose and meaning of our lives is something we tend to take advantage of and not realize the importance behind life.

In the reading “The Curing Woman” expresses how a young women was raised by a rich family and her mother is a servant of the family and is forced to leave. When she has to leave the family does not allow her to take her daughter. However, when her daughter could leave she goes to find her mom. Then finds out her mother is able to heal people and wants to follow in her steps. This story seems to be over the top and not true but expresses how one has faith and express spiritual or magic in order to help others.

The way that we can relate to this or become close is comparing the mother to one of our doctors. There are some similarities but then again in the story it seems to be more of a myth then reality. Our doctors actually go to school to practice medicine and help others from what they have learned and know. As for the mother this is something she believes she has these certain magical healing ways.

When growing up we learn different things to help us throughout our lives. I think I did not understand what my ethic background was until I was about seven or eight. That is when I started to learn...
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