Hispanic Activism in 1960s

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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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Hispanic Activism in 1960’s
Living as a Hispanic individual during the 1950’s and 1960’s proved to be difficult. This struggle was widely seen in the rural Hispanics schools. Many students in schools of east LA lived this while many not knowing it. Just going to school, not being allowed to speak Spanish, and many of whom live with low expectations from their intellectual peers better known as teachers. Only a selected few would be “smart” enough to be eligible to go to college. One of those was Paula Chrisostomo, a young lady from Lincoln high. After a Fieldtrip reunion with other 5 east LA schools, Paula realizes and recognizes the intense difference between the Hispanic and white schools. After that encounter, Paula becomes involved with a student activism group that demanded equality of all LA schools. During this time other students like Paula would go thru school days with many privileges such as the right to use school restrooms denied. Not only this but physical punishments where inflicted, some to ideas so obscured as to speak Spanish in certain classes. Paula and other students like her decided to do something about it. Inspired by Sal Castro, a history teacher from Lincoln high, these students successfully came forth with a walkout protest for equality. Sadly many students’ parents weren’t agreeing with this agitator movement. Parents simply wished for their children to follow the rules and never argue with schools. This idea changed however by the climax of this movement after the LAPD had become physical with students who decided to protest once again the unequal treatment. On a day when the 5 schools decided to proceed with a walkout, many parents showed up, leaving the Police force inactive. After these nonviolent movements, the LA board of education finally decided to hear their request. Such request included the right to use restrooms during any hour of the school day, school libraries to be broadened, no physical punishment to be inflicted...
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