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Characteristics Paper



April 11, 2011

The Hispanic population in the United States is an ethnic group that is continuously growing. It is expected to be one of if not the largest minority group in future years. The culture is sometimes misunderstood and these misunderstandings have the potential to lead to skewed psychological results that account for the population. Before the population can be assessed, leading to valid and true information, one must have a well understanding of the culture. Their religious beliefs account for a large portion of their decision making process and to understand that helps open the door to understanding them as individuals as well as a population as a whole.


Hispanics encompass a very large religious background in which their culture is fundamentally grounded upon. The first largest evidence of this is the role of the Catholic Church. According to Morales, The inhabitants of most Hispanic neighborhoods in the United States are Catholic and continue to look to the Catholic Church as a vehicle ensuring stability and order throughout their life cycle. This is mostly due to the fact that the Catholic Church helps keep Latinos in touch with their homeland as far as values, morals and norms are concerned. Marriage is a very large event in the Hispanic culture and with that Catholicism preaches that sex before marriage is prohibited. While some Hispanics still believe this, others tend to alter this particular belief along with the largeness of the wedding itself. This is what created the mindset to seek alternative religions making the next largest religious subculture Baptist, then Pentecostal and Methodist. They have been branching out religiously speaking as a way of becoming more Americanized yet still hanging on to some of the major belief systems engulfed in their homeland. The turn from large wedding ceremonies to smaller ones is an indicator of acculturation. The reason for that is a...

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