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  • Published : January 18, 2013
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Identify the reasons given by various historians as to who was responsible of the outbreak of ww1. Supply evidence to support these claims.

* Sidney Fay, American Historians:
* Argues no European power wanted war
* Germany did not plot the war, defective guilt
* Austria Hungary was most responsible but acting in self defense * Serbia did not want war but was forced to fight
* France only for support of Russia
* Britain tried to make piece but did not try to restrain Russia or France. * Fritz Fischer, German Historian:
* German historian who gave a thesis claiming that Germany were at fault for the war. * There were many other historians such as L. C. F. Turner, G. Ritter who argued against this view. * However historians such as I. Geiss, J. Roehl and V. R. Berghan supported this line of argument. * Fischer claims that Germany deliberately engineered the war in pursuit of expansionist aims, which were a prelude to Hitler. * G.P. Gooch, British Historian:

* “The belief that any nation or statesman was the arch criminal in 1914 is no longer held by serious students of history” * Orthodox, con-Germany
* Gerhard Ritter, German Historian
* Fischer was nationally disloyal
* No evidence of unified German plan of world domination * Germany acted in self defense to protect existence
* Germany only supported Austria Hungary as firm ally * Germany late in realizing they could not localize conflict * German government put too much reliance on military planners * Steven Lee, British Historian

* Lee holds a revisionist view claiming that Germany was forced into war because of the growing threat of power in Europe. This was Russia expanding it’s armies and France increasing it’s conscription by a year. * He also claims that while Germany and Austria Hungary may have initiated the war, the allies did little to try and...
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