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A Blast From The Past

12/9/11 Throughout history, one value has essentially stayed a persistent for every society we see. The idea that family is more important that anything is something that we all absorb from a very young age, and carry with us throughout our entire lives, and then pass down to our children. Around 1200 BC the Mycenaean Greeks fought Troy. After ten long years, Troy was taken, but Mycenaean society was so broke that it soon collapsed, into nearly five-hundred years of Dark Ages. Very similar to our war in Iraq today, where we are for the most part winning the war, but all of our money has been drained from the economy, and many believe that we are spiraling into another depression. Homer mourns the great toll the Trojan War took on the Greeks in the The Odyssey. Odysseus had to journey ten years to get back home, a year of struggle for every year of war. I believe that Homer has a hidden message here, a message behind the evident story of war. Odysseus didn’t just fight a war, he fought to get back home, to his wife and family, discarding pleasure, and other distractions, for that purpose. The Odyssey is about a man’s quest through life; he experiences friendship, love, lust, hatred, anger, deception, war, death, agony, and delight. It is the journey of man, and the journey of all men. It demonstrations the strength and weakness of the human spirit, at its worst and at is finest. It shows the strength of men, the same community our soldiers learn today, and it shows us of the strength and honor of the woman left behind. The stories in The Odyssey and the Iliad are the stories of all of our lives. Homer tells us that family values are the key. Stray away, and your culture falls into a costly war (figuratively and literally); focus exclusively on family values, and regain your kingdom. Clearly, this is the case today. In the opera King Priam we see...

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