His135 the Vietnam War Assignment

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  • Published : August 15, 2010
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The Vietnam War
Axia College of University of Phoenix

The Vietnam War was a turning point in the minds of many Americans and their views on democracy, politics and the society they had become accustomed to for most of their lives. The simple pleasures of freedom and the future of young people had been called into question and there was now the threat of being drafted into a war most didn’t believe in. Thousands of Americans were dying in the second Indochina war and there wasn’t much that could stop men from being drafted. Some enrolled in college with the hope that the deferment process would be enough to keep them from the front lines while others simply dodged the draft by leaving the country or hiding out. It was apparent that there were strong opponents to the Vietnam conflict and most of the unrest came straight from the halls of knowledge. During the 1960’s the tension in America rose to new heights. A war was being fought over seas that resulted in thousands of casualties. The nation was divided. Many people supported the war but others felt like we were fighting a war that America didn’t need to be involved in. Because of the war the draft had been re-instated. Once 18 years of age, the men were required to report to Selective Service and register. Draft lotteries determined who would sent to war by a drawing where birthdays were chosen out of a Bingo type scenario. A deferment rule in place allowed college students who were in the undergraduate program to defer military duty until they graduated college. This caused a huge influx of college aged men applying for college. This was controversial because some felt that they had to do everything possible to keep college grades high. Many middle and low income families could not afford to send their sons to college and those boys were placed on the draft list. College students saw that this was happening and while they did not want to go to war...
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