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  • Published : October 4, 2010
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Anh Hoang
English 151B
Marcel Kristel

In Chapter Eight of “ Farwell To Manzanar” the narrator describes her father’s isolation at the camp. The main reason for his isolation is that the internees called him inu, meaning both “dog” and “collaborator”. They thought that he could be released from Fort Lincoln earlier than the other men because he had cooperated with the camp authorities. They did not know the fact that after the War Department investigated his record, they could not find any reason to detain him any longer. After returning from Fort Lincoln, North Dakota, he joined his family in Manzanar. His whole family lives had been changed when people kept whispering about his release and called him inu. Without having enough strength to resist this, he isolated himself. He did not go outside for months and did not want to associate with others in camp. He started to drink and lashed out at his wife and his children all day. “He terrified all of us, lurching around the tiny room, cursing in Japanese and swinging his bottles wildly”, the author had written. He cursed and abused his wife. He cursed his wife for listening to such lies, and then cursed her for leaving him alone. He cursed her for not bringing him his food on time, for bringing too much cabbage and not enough rice. More than that, he also threatened to kill his wife. One time, after drinking a lot of rice wine, he was going to hit his wife with his can in both of his hands. One of his children stopped him and punched in his face. His cane was on the floor and his nose was bleeding. The day was over and his wife was saved. But nothing had been changed. He continued to get drunk and abused his wife.
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