His Father's Earth

Topics: Roaring Twenties, 1920s, Farmington Hills, Michigan Pages: 3 (880 words) Published: December 5, 2010
John Moxley
Mrs. Minton
LNG 332
11 February 2010
Dreaming Before Succeeding
At the age of four, Michael Jackson already knew he wanted to become a singer. Although Jackson did not know how he was going to achieve his goal, Jackson had the American dream on his side. In the short story, “His Father’s Earth” by Thomas Clayton Wolfe, Wolfe demonstrates how people have to dream before they can succeed through the main character. The main character is a young male, who in the story daydreams about joining the circus of the 1920s to achieve his goals of wealth and success (Wolfe). Wolfe exhibits how people have to believe in their dreams before they can succeed through the definition of the 1920s American dream, “His Father’s Earth,” and Wolfe’s own personal life.

Wolfe published “His Father’s Earth” in 1925 during the roaring twenties. After World War I, America reinvented itself by the prohibition of alcohol. The prohibition of alcohol came into affect by the eighteenth amendment; the majority of Americans believed alcohol was destroying families and American values (Seth). The American dream of the 1920s was established upon organized crime like bootlegging. This fast money way of becoming rich was the norm of the 1920s (Seth). Like bootleggers, the main character in “His Father’s Earth, dreams about achieving wealth no matter how he has to do it. The majority of Americans during the 1920s would not think about using organized crime or joining the circus to become wealthy. Both the bootleggers and the young man used their dreams of wealth and success to rise above and obtain what they longed for (Wolfe). New money Americans put their social standards away to reach the unreachable. The American dream of the 1920s was an ideal goal that everyone hoped for and very few reached. The dream changed from becoming a lawyer or a doctor, to being a gangster or a circus worker to achieve wealth and success. (Daniel). The circus of the 1920s was usually the most...
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