His Excellency

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  • Published : January 23, 2013
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exellency“His Excellency” Book outline Paper
In His Excellency, George Washington, Joseph J. Ellis talks about George Washington’s life. He talks about the events that took place in-between his childhood and the revolt against Great Britain. Joseph especially talks about the major military advantages and disadvantages facing British’s army (90), some of his strategies on how to take down the British (102), and finally how luck was always by his side. Some disadvantages that the colonist had while fighting Britain which Ellis talked about, was that Britain was rich and the colonist were poor. Second, its navy was much stronger than the colonist’s. This was a huge disadvantage because this meant that 7 of their major cities were at danger (Boston, Newport, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Charleston). Lastly, Britain’s army was highly trained while the colonist’s armies were mostly farmers. The only way they could be defeated would be if they were highly outnumbered but in this case, it was the opposite. Some advantages that the colonist had were, the British had to travel a long distance to get to the colonists, so they couldn’t afford to take heavy losses because it would take a while for them to fill the gap. Second, it would be hard for the British to resupply. Lastly, the Colonist knew the land a lot better than the British, so it would be easier for them to plan battle strategies. Some strategies he had, on how to take down the British. First, he tried to fight back against smallpox. He kicked out soldiers who had the disease already so that they would not carry it into his armies and claim them unfit for duty. Another thing that he did to fight against smallpox was, he made inoculation mandatory and set up special hospitals in Philadelphia to implement the new policy. Second, he tried to install a new fighting strategy. He wanted to use Fabian style, which was like a guerrilla style because he was lacking troops, and Fabian strategy was...
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