His 135 Week 5 Checkpoint

Topics: Social movement, Native Americans in the United States, United States Pages: 2 (421 words) Published: February 8, 2013
Social Movements
James Hodges
Christine Hooper

It appears that as the civil rights movement was developing in the 1960s other minority groups were joining the cause. The American Indians were one of these groups. One specific account of this movement was captured by an article in the New York Times. An American Indian woman living in New York started pushing for the responsible use of traditional Indian customs. She started to organize and promote these traditional customs in an effort to bring the American Indians together. At the heart of her movement she promoted the building of a central facility where American Indians could meet and further organize (J.K, 1968).

Another significant event was taken place during this period that directly related to the civil rights movement. A testament to the contributions of the American Indians was being recognized at the American Museum. A special dedication was established to show the traditions and early beginnings of the American Indians. This dedication was just another example of the changing times and the new appreciation for other cultures. Along with the new exhibit, American Indians were beginning to find their way into mainstream society. Their unique styles and practices had become well known in the culture and were seen in many fashion statements (New York Times, 1966).

While the identity of the American Indian may have seen resurgence during this time there were also many elements of prejudice still seen in mainstream media. Indians being portrayed as drunkards and always in need of white assistance was common in some popular shows. These stereotypes only amplified the issues American Indians were having in establishing themselves as a significant part of American culture. Issues with stereotypes and how minority groups were being portrayed in the media had been previously established in the civil rights movement but they only represented African Americans and Puerto Ricans. The move to...
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