His 135 1960's Dairy Entries

Topics: Black people, African American, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 2 (534 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Week 4 HIS 135

1960's Diary Entries Witness to the assassination of Malcolm X

Malcolm X was a Muslim that became one of the greatest men that influential African Americans. One afternoon, on February 21, 1965 Malcolm X loss his life by the Nation of Islam. The questions surrounding the death of this puzzling and fearless man still trouble us. The Files of Malcolm X, reveals The Smoking Guns in the FBI reports, which was dated for February 22, 1965, the files declares that Malcolm X had 10 gun shots penetrating to the chest, his thigh and ankle, also there were 4 bullets pleats into his chest and thigh. When his autopsy was done, they found 1 gun being noticed as a millimeter slug, 1 - 45 caliber slugs, with numerous shotgun shots, that were all around and about in his body, torn through the heart of Malcolm X.

I will say that Malcolm X was a very brave and stand up type of guy that did a lot to make blacks feel more connected to African American heritage. He stood up for African Americans and spoke out words and things that they were too afraid to say. He educated them on how to stand up for themselves and their rights as how to carry themselves as black men. He was so amazing that no one would have thought that a troubled young black boy would turn out to be as powerful and educated as a leader. When Malcolm X was young, he was a young man that was troubled, and wind up doing prison time. He educated himself during his ten years while being incarcerated. He was introduced to the Islam and begins teaching. When serving a few turns in prison, he became a minister in the Nation of Islam of several place of worship in Philadelphia, New York and Boston. Soon he created newsprint called “Muhammad Speaks” that rivaled in contentious outlooks about the great ideas that African Americans remained greater than ever. He...
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