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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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The West


1. How did the culture of the Plains Indians, specifically the Lakota Sioux, change in the late 19th century? *
* Since the migration to reservation camps, things have changed a lot in the Lakota Sioux culture. Before the migration the Sioux were used to living off of the land, making clothing out of hides and leather, and hunting for their own food. Now half of the Sioux live on reservations in South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, and some in the northern part of Montana. Most of them have a hard time just trying to survive because the way they use to live was the only thing they knew, and they didn’t know any other ways of getting food other than hunting. The Sioux tribe was torn apart because of their land being stripped from them. They still keep some of the culture alive by dressing like their ancestors did in the past and also by having “pow wow’s” which are like ceremonies where the Sioux Indians would feast, sing, and dance. The white men were making the Indians speak English, and learning how to things their way. Forcing them to give up their cultures and everything they knew. Most were forced to farm the land to make a living and provide for their families. The Indians were to take another hit as the Indian agents killed most of their horses and cattle which hurt the Sioux. Then the Dawes Act of 1887 came out and this act was in place to separate all of the people in tribes, reduce the amount of money the government is spending on the reservations, and to give the white settlers more land. This Act causes reservations to be split apart, and divided into individual farms for each person or for married couples. A lot of their children were removed to be brought up as white children. They were sent to boarding school to learn new skills and professions, but in doing this their Indian culture was lost. *


2. Choose one significant conflict between the Americans and a...
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