Hiring a Boyfriend or a Girlfriend Home

Topics: Mother, Sichuan, Marriage Pages: 2 (859 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Hiring a boyfriend or girlfriend home
Hiring a boyfriend or girlfriend home during Spring Festival has already switched from individual cases to a common phenomenon. Several years ago, such cases could be splashed in the front page of newspapers to catch readers’ eyes; while today, the advertisement on this renting deal is no longer confined to various chatting groups but appears on Taobao website. So, in 4 years, when I graduate from college, about 25 years old , suppose unfortunately I remain single at that time ,whether I will hire a professional “boyfriend” home during Spring Festival to surprise my parents or be a part-time girlfriend myself? I believe “yes” will be my answer. And in my opinion, hiring a boyfriend home as well as being a part-time girlfriend is an advisable choice. In the first place, hiring a boyfriend home can shield me from the endless matchmaking enforced on me by my parents. A casual conversation between my Mum and me is still fresh in my mind, during which she told me that one of her students who had just gained her master’s degree were planned by her mother to take at least 30 matchmakings as soon as she arrived at her hometown, Da Lian. After she obediently and patiently finished the painstaking task of meeting 30 strangers and ended alone, her mother became frustrated and decided to enter her name for “If you are the one”, a popular TV show designed to let single young men and women know each other and hopefully be together. When my Mun ended the story and began to enjoy my shocking expressions, she then spoke gently, “And you’d better search for your Mr.right now, or you will be her in the near future, which added to my astonishment and worry. Therefore, a professional boyfriend, although fake, will be the best justification to stay away from those numerous blind dates and, actually more importantly, be a relief to my dear parents. Secondly, being a part-time girlfriend can grant me free trips to many places that I...
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