Hiring Practices

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Hiring Practices
The human resource department is becoming a much more important department for companies. Due to the fact that Human Resource Managements’ roles have changed over the years I have decided to write about the different techniques one can use to implement the hiring process better with today’s continuing challenges. Human Resource managers must make better decisions when trying to fill a position. The day of just hiring someone because the job needed to be filled is over. It is critical to be cautious about who and how they are hiring now. Today, with the bad economy, companies are trying to save their resources, and hiring the wrong candidate would cost them money for training, benefits and in some cases even attorney fees. Companies want to make the right choice in hiring the right employee to avoid costly mistakes and time. There are several approaches a company might use to accomplish this; in some instances companies might utilize several different steps to achieve this. Beginning the Process

There are many steps that need to be considered when a company needs to hire the right candidate. It is important for Human Resources to consider how the company can achieve this goal. The steps to hiring should be agreed upon by the human resource managers and the company. In Smarter Hiring, E. Long explains that even President Obama in May 2010 realize that the need was there to do better hiring. President Obama directed the federals agencies to change the ways they hire and should start new process that could lead to hiring faster and smarter. In this time and age, there is a lot more to hiring, than hiring a person to fit that position or job. There are backgrounds checks that need to be perform, the decision to do pre-application and decide if testing is a good tool. The Right Feeling

There is a lot of mixed emotion on this subject. Human resources managers need to be careful when it comes to gut feeling. It could be that they just past up...
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