Hiring on the Basis of Look Case Study

Topics: Discrimination, Employment, Physical Appearance Pages: 4 (1052 words) Published: February 23, 2011
Discrimination affects people all over the world.  Workplace discrimination influence people of all ethnicities and from all different walks of life. “Discrimination" refers to unequal action. One of the most common elements discriminated against is a persons ethnicity, or their race.   Although there are many federal laws regarding discrimination, most states have put in place laws that ban discrimination. Discrimination laws may have unusual remedy in states than the federal laws and in certain conditions be more positive than the federal laws. This article will compare and contrast the different perspectives of hiring employee on the basis of looks. The article will also explain what type of actions the company could take to be fairer and meet ethical obligations.

Hiring On The Basis Of Looks Case Study
Physical appearance counts when hiring employees to represent a company. Physical appearance refers to things a person cannot make over in a short time, e.g., looks, height, weight, etc. Certain jobs require employees to be relatively attractive or thin; however, most professions do not fall into this class. Other physical appearance features include facial hair, hair styles, outer apparel, etc.  A company where the member of staff represents the company may not employ someone who looks like a hippie.  An additional point of physical appearance businesses may consider is hygiene.  One does not want someone with bad hygiene habits working as a doctor or nurse, working with food, or doing other types of jobs where cleanliness is important.  When discussing discrimination a definition must be agreed upon. Discrimination can come in the form of affirmative action, that is, the behavior of advancing a certain crowd, or it can be negative behavior directed against a certain group called redlining (Carroll & Buchholtz, 2009). The negative behavior is usually the more commonly accepted example. Direct discrimination involves treating...
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