Hiring English Teacher from India

Topics: Najib Tun Razak, Environmentalism, Environment Pages: 5 (1629 words) Published: April 1, 2013

Unrestricted development is increasingly rapid changes occurring in our country in this globalized millennium.However, progress in the industrial sector has enjoyed this day a little scratched impact of irresponsible human behavior.Enau society be like in the bush release their shoots ignore environmental hygiene sekitar.Adakah we want to let the environment affected solely in order to catch up? What is our role as a community to address this problem? This is so because a clean environment kita.Sebagai important in the life of society, we should be thankful for the Grace of God.Therefore, proactive steps must be taken to preserve His creation award. One of the measures to be taken to address the problem of environmental pollution is to reduce the use of chemicals. This is because the chemicals will cause pollution to the environment as well will have an impact in the long run for the environment. What it does mean is that the use of pesticides and air conditioning is one of the most significant effects and serious. As a result of the use of pesticides and air conditioning, the occurrence of ozone depletion and groundwater kluoroflurokarbon (CFC) which is very dangerous to society at finite prosecutor. In effect, simple community suffered dangerous diseases such as eye cataracts, skin cancer and sebagainya.Hal also make an impact on the economy of having to produce a very large fund to cover the costs of hospital expenses. Therefore, the use of these chemicals should be controlled by the government and the private sector so we can take care of the environment is blessed by God. Strictly speaking, the measures to deal with the problem of environmental pollution is t o reduce the use of chemicals.

In addition, the government should enforce laws related aspects of environmental hygiene. This is a very significant step after our environment. If we look at today, what is the factory that was built by the government to comply with hygiene standards set? Very few factories that comply with hygiene standards. In most cases, factory emissions and toxic waste into the rivers and into the open sea would continue without control. Attitude is like enau manufacturer in the bush, shoots their release for causing contamination air.Hal also led to the extinction of aquatic life because of toxic waste from the factories to reduce the percentage of oxygen in the water. The implication of this action, the law should be tightened further by the authorities in order to reduce environmental pollution sekitar.Jika this is not checked, the community will experience a shortage of clean water and resource protein.Bukan only that, the majority of the community will get a disease known as kwashiorkor due to lack of protein. Not only that, the recycling program being contemplated by the government to note because it can enhance awareness of environmental protection. As a society, we should open the eyes of the government would cry. Waste materials can be reprocessed to be used again and we can classify materials that are not needed in the recycling bins provided. For example, the waste can be processed into fertilizer nutrients to avoid wastage and newspapers can also be tisu.Keadaan is said to "drink water while diving." In this way, natural resources such as plants used for raw materials to meet basic human needs can be reduced. In addition, countries can also save costs for the fulfillment of human needs while also being able to maintain a clean environment sekitar.Tegasnya, recycling program is one of the ways to overcome the environmental pollution. In addition, a clean environment can be maintained through the ongoing civic awareness campaign so that people and take care of the environment since childhood as "bamboo bends let out rebungnya". Through this awareness, people are urged to maintain a clean environment. With this, a little of this move is the people that default on environmental...
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