Hire Me Please

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Bhavyashree C.M



ROSS ENTERS THE BOSS’S OFFICE CABIN for a job interview. It is a lovely and a plush workspace and Ross can see all the educated elite class workers sitting on mahogany chairs in their cubicles. Many of them are attending the continuous flow of phone calls while the others are busy on their laptops.

The Boss snaps his finger bringing Ross back to reality and directs him to sit on the chair. Ross is even more astonished to see the cabin filled with antiques. He notices a gigantic display case which showcases all the laurels won by the Boss. On the table he notices scotch resting in an expensive glass carafe. The Boss is bewildered at what Ross is looking at.


Mr. Ross, can you please tell me what in my office amuses you so much?


Good morning sir. I am very sorry for my unpleasant behavior. I could just not stop looking at your accomplishments and I was wondering what it takes to achieve such success.


I believe you are here for a job interview. Well, let me enlighten you on a few key aspects before we proceed with this interview. Can you please tell me your educational qualifications and what job profile you are looking for?


I was always interested in studies and had a lot of aspiration to complete my degree. Alas due to family constraints I was forced to quit after the fifth semester. But in the semesters I have completed I have scored more than 95% in every subject. I was looking for a job as a junior manager. I have completed some other management courses too during my college days.


Oh! So you haven’t completed your graduation? And you are expecting a job as a junior manager? You must be joking Mr. Ross!! You could probably join in for some clerical job, maybe as an office boy. (Laughs)

Ross feels very insulted. He sips some water, wipes the sweat off his forehead and decided to calmly reason with the Boss.


Sir, I completely understand what you are saying. But my knowledge is not lesser than that of any management. I have very good managerial skills and I am very hard-working. I have seen the effort your employees put in and their productiveness. I will definitely be as asset to your company.


You are missing the point my dear friend. Without a degree it is impossible for you to get a job as a manager in this company. Leave alone this company; you won’t get a job in any other company.

Ross gets very irritated and angry. He restores his cool and decides to face the situation intelligently.


Sir, you could at least take a small interview, check my knowledge and skills, look at what I have to offer. In case you do not find me worthy enough, I will happily walk off.

The Boss gets really aggravated at this. He arranges an array of very difficult questions and places it in front of Ross.


You have to have a degree if you have to do well in your life. Do you think I have won all these medals, earned so much money and reached this status and position just like that? It is your degree that determines how smart you are and your intellectual capabilities. I am sure you cannot answer even half of these questions.

The Boss takes a deep breath. He then points at the question paper.

Boss (Cont’d)

If you answer all these questions correctly within 15 minutes, I will consider your employment in this company. Answer very carefully.

The Boss is very sure Ross will get at least some of the questions wrong or he will not be able to complete the test as the stipulated time is too less. He patiently waits for 15 minutes.


OK. Time’s up. Please handover the answer sheet.

Ross hands over the answer sheet with a smile. The Boss looks at it and is horrified to see...
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