Hips Feel Good – Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty

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1.Company Name - Executive Summary

Kerstin Dunleavy needs to determine how to maintain Dove’s brand momentum. The key objectives and goals of the Dove product line is to increase market share, develop a strong marketing campaign, retain functional strengths of the brand, maintain the image of the “Real Beauty” campaign, and stay ahead of the competition. Due to the highly competitive industry, marketing communication is critical to ensure campaign momentum. Kerstin must decide how to keep the drive of the initial campaign going.

This report outlines three alternatives that Kerstin has to present to Unilever’s senior management: 1.Expand the current “real women” advertisement
2.Focus on customer communication
3.Expand on existing products and focus on selling

Based on the case analysis it is recommended that the company shifts focus to “selling”. In order to increase sale volume, the company needs to expand the product line to increase sales to the targeted market segment and capture a larger market share. The company will be able to successfully apply this strategy as they have developed inside knowledge of consumer and needs through the first phase of marketing campaign. In order to ensure that the company is successful at implementing the strategy, it needs to continue the focus of selling the developed and popular product while evolving and altering Dove products.

2.Problem Statement
Unilever’s Dove product line is attempting to further increase market share in the next steps of the so far successful re-launch. These next steps need to be defined by Kerstin Dunleavy, brand manager, by making specific recommendations for the second phase of the marketing campaign. 3.Company Objectives

The primary objective of Unilever is to increase the market share for its Dove brand by evolving into a modern and desirable brand, while at the same time standing out in a highly competitive market. This goal is to be achieved by improving the brand image of Dove and launching an outstanding marketing campaign while still retaining the functional strengths of the brand.

4.Company Background

Unilever is one of the largest consumer products companies with annual revenues of $50B and staff of 250,000 •Unilever employed a global marketing strategy adapted to suit individual cultures and unique requirements of its subsidiaries •In 2004, Unilever’s “Path to Growth” strategy saw the number of products reduced from 1,600 to 400 •The company’s brand strategy was modified to emphasize product brand names •Dove was originally developed in the US as a non-irritating skin cleaner for medical use during World War II •In 1957 Dove was reformulated as a beauty soap bar

In 2005, revenues from Dove product lines reached $3 billion

5.1. Market Analysis

High quality product line-the product is sold in 40 countries •One of the world largest consumer product companies
Positive reputation
Well established global marketing strategy which caters to individual cultures and unique requirements •Effective advertising, free publicity
Continuously evolving the campaign
First phase of the brand re-launching gained significant success •Unconventional strategy
Enormous coverage and support by media
Negative image developed in 2003 of being outdated and old-fashioned product. •Some of the board executives have concerns about “What is Beauty?” campaign •Objectification of women
Use of idealized image in other brands under the same flagship Opportunities
Target male customers
Continue to focus on self-esteem issues and reach higher level of target audience •An approach that was being ignored by competitions allows the company to redefine the definition of beauty •High traffic website to reach more potential customers who want to express their views •Maintain better standards of quality

Continuous product innovation

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