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HIPAA Tutorial and Summary

Grace Kalu


August 28, 2012
Dr. Gloria Wilson

HIPAA Tutorial and Summary

Protecting healthcare information is very essential in any organization. With the current trend in healthcare and the proliferation of technology, acquiring methods and avenues to control and prevent the invasion of the patients’ information is imperative. Identifying different forms of security breaches and instituting measures to implement and safeguard specific standards, policies, and procedures against leaking e-PHIs to attackers and hackers, will maintain patients’ integrity and promote growth of the organization. To maintain the confidentiality of e-PHIs, HIPAA created privacy rule, security rule, and HITECH. These rules help to safeguard patient’s privacy, prevent, detect, and correct security violation. Furthermore, viruses, which are introduced by hackers, can attack the computer systems. Another way to protect patients’ information is to protect buildings, equipment, and software. This is done in order to steal information, either for profit, to make a political point, or for entertainment. Using programs like firewalls, Virtual Private Networks, intrusion detection system, virus detection, cryptography, and content filtering can help to guard against information hackers. As a result, the organization will conserve resources and revenue that would have been lost through this process. In conclusion, protecting patients’ information is one of the ways to guard against leaking of patients’ information. The healthcare industries required adequate communication to survive. Providing means of detecting and warding away these virus, will not only maintain patients’ confidentiality

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