Hippa Privacy Rule, Exemptions, and Compliance Plans

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  • Published : June 9, 2012
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HIPPA Privacy Rule, Exemptions, and Compliance Plans
Neva Butler
April 21, 2012
Dustin Gettel

HIPPA Privacy Rule, Exemptions, and Compliance Plans
The five provisions of the HIPPA Privacy Rule are; 1) Put a set of standards that would protect the patients’ information that would be suitable in the health care services. Those privacy practices would have the follow the HIPPA Privacy Rule. 2) Notify the patient by a written notification about their rights to privacy, and second verbally explain how their demographics will be used or disclosed. 3) Train and retrain the employees the critical ways the patients’ privacy is to be dealt with in accordance with the HIPPA Privacy Rule, Then present the employees with periodic training session for possible updates and refresher course. 4) Form a committee that would serve as the privacy police, and appoint a person to oversee this by enforcing and adopting the HIPPA Privacy Rule, and the updates that may follow. 5) Safeguard the patient records by doing all the provisions in the HIPPA Privacy Rule.

I believe that using the minimum necessary standard will help guard against unauthorized sharing of protected health information. By limiting the information to what is necessary for the intended purpose will do just that. Giving limited information only will stop unwanted eyes to see what they are not to see.

There are four exemptions to the Privacy Rule. One is court orders; the patient’s PHI may be used as evidence in a court of law. The second is worker’s compensation cases; the state may provide release to the state worker’s compensation administration board and the insurance company that may be handling the case. The third is statutory reports; this type of information required by law to be reported. The...
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