Hiphop and Street Dance

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Compare-Contrast Essay

Hip Hop and Street Dance

Is Hip Hop and Street dance one and the same? Most of the people would say a yes. Both these dance styles have been widely accepted by the youth today. Any dance forms can be matched up or vary with factors like origin, dance style, beats, moves and age limit. Although, the youth tend to use hip hop and street dance to mean the same thing, the fact is both these dance forms have been a success due to their individual creativeness. A dance is introduced only when it is known where it derived from and what inspired the person to begin it. Hip Hop was originated from the urban community in early 70’s in New York by the Black and Latino Americans. It started from the young frustrated people who were desperate enough to express themselves (Trapmedia). Like Hip Hop, Street dance was first seen in USA in the 1970’s as well. But it came from the social dance and the culture. Though it grew from Hip Hop, it did not start within the studios. Instead it was introduced in an open space like night clubs, playgrounds, schools, etc (Greeney). Not only the origin, but the dance style it masters in and what it portrays is one of the main reasons that give recognition to any dance form. Hip Hop is all about locking, popping, breaking and krumping. Locking is more of a dynamic dance. It has more of freezes and poses. Breaking, in other terms B-Boying, is more of gang dances. The hip hop dancers love themselves getting engaged into wars and battles. Free-styling, battles and ciphers are the three elements of hip hop dance. Hip Hop depicts music, dance, poetry, art, fashion and language. This dance form also makes uses of slangs as Rapping is the major part of it. Street dance involves dance styles like Jazz, Contemporary and modern folk dance with free style. But the root of where it was inspired from is the European ballet. It portrays stories of people’s life within a three to five minute dance. This dance form is eco-friendly...
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