Hipaa Privacy and Violation Regulations

Topics: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, Health care, Health care provider Pages: 4 (1336 words) Published: December 26, 2012
Course Title: Law and Ethics in Medicine
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HIPAA Privacy and Violation Regulations
With today’s high usage of electronic medical records software in hospitals, clinics and health care facilities it’s important to protect every patient’s health information and medical records. As we visit the physician’s office or hospital we expect our health information to stay confidential and obtain our records at anytime for any reason. The HIPAA privacy regulation helps us feel confident that our privacy won’t be violated by giving us the right to authorize only certain individuals to have access to our medical records. But in case if our health information is breached or shared, there are a few steps that we can take toward this action. With this being said I will explain how to file a complaint when our rights are denied with obtaining our medical records and inform you of how the Office of Civil Rights will investigate the HIPAA Violation complaint. HIPAA “Health Insurance Portability and Accountability” Privacy Regulation is a law that became effective in April 2003, which was created to protect the privacy of a patient’s health information when sent electronically and releases medical records only to the patient’s and not to any unauthorized individuals. However, there are a few exceptions on who can access the medical records such as the insurance agency, attorney, authorized family member/friend or transferred doctor. But in order for anyone to receive access to the records, the individuals name has to be in the record giving permission to obtain the records. With this being said, HIPAA privacy rule does affect a patient’s right to access his or her medical records because the patient can always request to review the records for any mistakes or disclosed information. If one wants to review their record or use for other purposes, then he or she must fill out a written request form to obtain copies of the...
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