Hip Hop vs America

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  • Published : April 11, 2013
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Hip-Hop vs. America

By: Phairron Price
Angel Jenkins

There is a huge controversy going on right now between the Hip-Hop Culture and America. When we say America we really we The U.S. Even though hip-hop is worldwide. Hip Hop means the whole culture of the movement. When you talk about rap. Rap is of the hip-hop culture. The emceeing. The d-jaying is part of the hip-hop culture. The dressing the languages are all part of the hip-hop culture. The break-dancing, the b-boys, and the b-girls. How you act, walk, look talk are all part of hip-hop culture. And the music is colorless. Hip-hop music is made from Black, brown, yellow, red, and white cultures. Whatever music that gives you the grunt. That funk. That grove or that brat. It’s all part of hip-hop. Hip-Hop began as an early ‘70s youth street culture in New York City, with all of the peculiarities of place embedded in it- the slang the way people moved. If one had grown up in the Black community of Oakland or Detroit or Philadelphia instead, the local dance might be the Boogaloo or the stepping rather than B-boying or Rocking. Just as James Smethurst reminds us that the Black Arts movement looked different whether you stood in Watts, Newark, Chicago or Atlanta what became hip-hop would take on the characteristics of each community’s quirks and idiosyncrasies. Everything has a context, a beginning point. What you hold in your hands is not just another project defending our music. This is about hip-hop. To most people hip-hop signifies rap. And perhaps well it should, for since the art of party-rocking was transferred in the form of 1979’s “Rapper’s Delight’ to a twelve-inch piece of black polyvinyl chloride, born literally of salt and oil, then distilled further from 15 minutes of rhymes to a 3 minute pop song-in other words, a portable commodity that could leverage hundreds more hip-hop had been an inescapable fact. But rap’s pop dominance has eclipsed hip-hop’s true importance in particular,...
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