Hip Hop Music Should Be Heavily Censored Here on Out

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  • Published : May 16, 2007
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Hip Hop Music Should Be Heavily Censored Here On Out

Hip hop music is a way that a person can express themselves. Over the years hip hop music has created many opportunities for individuals to make money. Hip hop music has many people that likes and dislike the language usage. Hip hop music should be heavily censored because of the language used in the records, disrespecting of a culture and the misrepresentation of themselves and others.

The selection of words used in hip hop had gain and lost many fans. According to the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution, individuals are free to express themselves. When individuals are expressing words that are hurtful and potentially dangerous to use in communities censorship should be in effect. The statements that are made in hip hop promote drug dealing, gender abuse and killing to make a point. Individuals should not be able to say these things and be rewarded with revenue.

In history, there have been many speeches made to promote violence to target specific race and/or culture. As a responds to those speeches, censorship was implemented on those individuals responsible for the speech. Hip hop music is disrespecting a culture by stating lyrics which demoralize a culture. Black culture is viewed by the mass media as a violent and not fully educated people. When hip hop talks about hustling and glocks in the music, everyone else outside that culture perceive that black people is all about drugs and guns. This language is promoting stereotypical ideas that disrespecting a culture.

Music is universe and it gives insight into people lives. The moral focus on music should be about respect. Even tough some individuals doesn't have a problem with not respecting themselves by exploiting their personal lives but, exploiting the individuals that lives in the similar situations is completely wrong. This writer had experienced many biases and ideas from white people that were totally wrong. They believed...
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