Hip Hop Is Dead

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  • Published : December 1, 2008
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Hip Hop Is Dead

“Hip Hop is dead” this was a very bold statement that a world famous rapper from Queens by the name of Nas said when he released his 2006 album “Hip Hop Is Dead”. This album Nas released on December 19th turned a lot of heads and created a huge amount of controversy. Nas is a part of southern hip-hop, which has been blamed for the downfall of hip-hop. Yet many of the fellow southern rappers from the south have made statements that go against this album. Artists such as Ludacris, Trick Daddy and Big Boi from Outkast have said that hip-hop is dying but have not made such a brave comment about the hip-hop genre. Lil Wayne who is also a part of southern rap claims that hip-hop is dying due to the laziness of the artist. I do not agree with what Nas has said. I believe that hip-hop is not at all where it used to be. It has not died; it has just evolved into a whole new lifestyle. Yet saying that hip-hop has evolved is the wrong way to put it, because in saying it has evolved means that it would have had to change for the better. Hip-hop has devolved is a more appropriate statement to make. Nowadays the only things that are being talked about are how much money the artists has, how many members of the opposite sex they can get or how unstoppable they are. To put the new devolution of hip-hop into a nutshell, all hip-hop is about is materialism. It is said that money makes the world go around, but do we really need to be hearing everybody constantly saying you have mountains of cash rolling in by the second, and watching you throw money at the camera like it was nothing. Violence is yet another one of the commonly noticed aspects of devolutionary hip-hop. There is a difference from being firm with what you believe in and not backing down from that, but when it comes to the point where you are going to brutally murder someone to prove that, then that’s when we have a problem. Now because someone doesn’t like whom you are, or doesn’t like...
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