Hip Hop Influence

Topics: Hip hop music, Hip hop, African American Pages: 2 (434 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Why you should listen to Hip-Hop music
There are many different genres of music available to listen to. Hip-Hop music has gotten a bad rap from the beginning, no pun intended. Good music should evoke some type of emotion from the listener. In hip-hop the artist attempts to paint a picture for the listener by telling a story through spoken word over a beat. Sure some of the lyrics may be raunchy and even destructive, however just like a motion picture director that tells a story through a movie that sometimes include violence or horror, it is pure entertainment (Viera). Most people listen to music every day. Since Hip-Hops explosion into mainstream American music in the 1970s critics originally thought it to be a fad and would soon disappear as fast as it came, they couldn’t be more wrong. Hip-Hops roots in the poor African American neighborhoods reflected the pain and struggle of the black people. There is no doubt that there was a disproportionate amount of crime, drug use, and poverty witnessed daily by the original founders of hip-hop. So it was obvious that the lyrics of rap songs would reflect their environment. The opposition did not understand where these lyrics were coming from. They could not wrap their minds around what they were hearing because they did not live in those types of environments or have a clue to the struggle of the everyday black person (Price). Hip-hop artists tend to combine other genres of music with rap and hip-hop to create unique styles of music. This ability to fuse urban elements of music with more accepted mainstream genres served as a vehicle to expand the fan base of hip-hop at the same time making hip-hop one of the most diverse genres of music today. Each hip-hop artist contributes to creating a flow that continues to help hip-hop evolve. Hip-Hop has change over the years. The underground and mainstream dichotomy has become a major part of its growth.  More artist and new styles of music have been created....
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