Hip Hop in Society

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Music has an immense impact on todays society, and now that hip hop is one of the most listened to genres, hip hop artist including rappers have a venue where they can vent and show the emotions that they are feeling. According to Tia C.M. Tyree in the article Lovin Momma & Hatin' on Baby Mama; Rap is an avenue used by some Black men to express a variety of emotions, feelings and ideas; hope, frustration, anger, love and misogyny. What is being focused on is the misogynistic nature of rap songs and the way that women are looked at in these raps songs. Misogyny in “gangsta rap” is the promotion, glamorization, support, humorization, justification, or normalization of oppressive ideas about women(Journal 2006). Many women when described in rap songs are referred to as “Bitches”, “Gold Diggers”, “Hoes”, “Sluts”, and many other derogatory terms(Women 2009). When one hears women being referred to as all of these fowl terms it poses the question as to where these rappers were given the authority to demean women in such a way. Now this is where the topic began to become much more clear. Instead of just look at the misogyny within rap songs, but I wanted to look at how rappers in hip hop, mainly black rappers talk about their mothers and in contrast their “baby mamas”. Within this content analysis paper, 26 different rap songs will be analyzed from different African- American rappers and the emotions and attitudes that they most often show will be looked at. The stereotype surrounding the baby mama with black rappers is that they are usually just after the mans money and there is no love surrounding that relationship. It seems like within the rap songs, the girlfriends, or baby mamas are referred to as Bitches, Sluts, and Hoes, however when the rappers especially the Black rappers begin to talk about their own mothers, it comes across that they are much more respectful and honor their mothers more. Within the Black Community, mothers are looked at as being almost secondary to God(Holler). They are seen as Black Queens, Goddesses, Angels, but usually are not referred to by using derogatory term. Within this paper, there will be a content analysis on different rap songs that hold the idea of praising the mothers, and disregarding the “baby mammas”. Existing Research

There is definitely a separation in how African American Rappers in society view their own mothers, and how they view the mother of their own children. Tia C.M. Tyree notes that in most songs when a rapper is talking about a mother it takes the form of good mother/bad mother(Women 2009). Tyree did a similar content analysis as I am doing and she did find that there was a clear gap between “Mother” and “Baby Mama”. In Tyree's content analysis she sampled 24 different rap songs with ranging years, but with either the theme of Mother or Baby Mama. That was how she came upon her conclusion as to the fact that Black male rappers show adoration for their mothers, yet adoration is absent in the characterization of the baby mama. Christy Barongan and Gordon Nagayama of Kent University did one of the first recorded content analysis of rap songs to analyze the misogyny within African American male rap songs. For their analysis they had 27 men listen to misogynous rap music, and 27 listen to neutral rap music. They then were shown neutral, sexual-violent, and assaultive film vignettes, then had to chose one to show to a female confederate. 30% showed the sexual-violent vignette, and 70% showed the neutral vignette. The ones who chose the sexual-violent vignette said that there confederate was very uncomfortable and unsettled (Psychology 1995). What they were testing for is if women listened to misogynous rap music, if it would begin to have a negative on the women. This following test was not proven 100% correct. It appeared that the difference in sexual aggressive behavior between music conditions was a function of the content of the lyrics(Psychology...
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