Hip Hop and the Illuminati

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  • Published : January 17, 2012
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Are we being fooled by The Hip-Hop Industry?
A lot of us today really enjoy hip hop music, maybe because of the catchy beats, addictive hooks, or glamorized artiste that write and perform the songs, but do we really understand the power behind the messages in these songs. About two years ago I was introduced to the teachings of Evangelist G Craig Lewis, he stated that Hip Hop really is not all it is cut out to be but instead a satanic religion used to sway the mass to serve and alternative master, and a lot of the information that I will be giving you today comes from him and Professor Griff and ex- member of a famous Hip- Hop group; because of my intrigue with the work of these gentle men my topic today is “ Are we being fooled by the Hip-Hop Industry”.

To begin we must first ask what Hip-Hop means to us and others. According to Professor Griff, “Hip-Hop was supposed to be an avenue for people in the struggle to express themselves, a voice for the voiceless. It was created as a way to inform and fight all the oppression going on by those powers that be. In actuality from inception Hip-Hop was founded on precarious grounds and conceptualized by a man named Afrika Bambaataa in the late 1970’s. It was created on pagan/ atheistic beliefs and rituals from the Zulu Nation in Egypt Africa, he says and I quote, “ there is no God, we are our own Gods, we have to create our own wealth and power, we are supreme beings and chart our own destiny. Now tell me would you want to be part of a movement like that, with doctrines that state that there are no consequences for your actions, believe it or not you are, by supporting this music that is exactly what is being done. Hip-Hop Fanatics may argue that it was created from the slums of New York, with the intention of getting back at the system, but Mr. Bambaataa has no quorums about his intentions for Hip-Hop. If you observe here, he throws up an innocent hand gesture right? Wrong, this sign is in actuality a satanic hand...
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