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  • Published : December 14, 2012
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Rebecca WalkerJames Thomas 12-11-12
1 I liked most about the story before hip-hop was hip-hop was when Rebecca walker got her clothes the Nike kicks that were red and white and her suit that was grey and red.2 (a) She got crackle energy because the music like took over her body and she went crazy dance in parties on the block at the corner (b) it helped them by letting figure out what life means to them and how much music is fun and dancing all the time. (c) it provide them time for them self’s having dance battles that all it meant for them all the time dancing and listening and watching how they were in boogie down Bronx. 3 (a)she finds today’s hip-hop way different then her hip-hop back then they had parties that where fun no drinking and no drugs that was there parties today’s parties are drugs and alcohol. I think her judgment is fair because we all have opines today. Because if you weren’t talking right dressing right listening to the right music or dancing right you where not cool or popular at all this meant you a nerd or uncool and made fun of and bullied. Kids today show them self by there clothes there characteristics and how they act towards others and how I make myself known is by the I talk and dress and how I act this how I show my self.5 the tone of walker’s essay Is personal because she talks about her self. (b) The way she talks about how she talks about how she writes about her story and personal life. Her talking about how old she is she’s 25 and her going to high school in united states and Canada and finally her receiving awards for writing books and advocate. I think this story told about how she was happy as a kid.
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