Hinduism Paper

Topics: Hinduism, Religion, Islam Pages: 3 (747 words) Published: June 1, 2008
Gary S. Dusek
Axia College University of Phoenix

This paper will discover and or discuss the answers I have found to the following questions. Considering that Hinduism lacks a uniting belief system, what makes up the Hindu religion? What are the cultural and societal influences that have made Hinduism vital to the region in which it organized? I will also explain the desire for liberation from earthly existence.

Hinduism has become the world’s third largest religion following Christianity and then Islam. It claims about 837 million followers- 13% of the world’s population. Hinduism is one of the oldest and most complex religions. From what I have read, I believe what makes up the Hindu religion is its own diversity. Hindu religion is based on a belief that all Gods are but one God. The ultimate God in the Hindu religion is Saguna Brahman many religions truth is delivered or revealed from a divine source. In the Hindu tradition there is no single revelation from which people may achieve knowledge of the divine or lead a life backed by religious law. The Hindu tradition acknowledges that there are many paths by which people may seek and experience religious understanding and direction. It also claims that every individual has the potential to achieve enlightenment. Dharma is the most important belief to Hindus. It is believed that anyone who strives to gain spiritual knowledge and seeking to lead a life of good is a follower of Sanatana Dharma. Hindu belief focuses on several main factors, Nyaya, on rigorous thought, Vaiseshika, on atoms and the structure of matter, and Vedanta on the nature and experience of spirituality. I believe that Hinduism is vital to the region in which it originated for several reasons. The reason being India is one of the last places that still practice such a wide variety of religious traditions. One of "Hinduism's" greatest strengths is its ability to unite the diverse...
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