Hindu Weddings

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Extravagant clothing, succulent victuals, exquisite flowers, spectacular photography and many other grand decorations are the foundation of a Hindu marriage. Hindu marriages, like most other cultural wedding ceremonies, are deeply concerned with their religious rituals and customs. Most ceremonies in the Hindu culture are family oriented with great emphasis on entertainment and inspiration. Also, off course, the amount of decorations and the extent to which the rituals are carried out depends greatly on the class of the families in society. Wealthier families are inclined to spend vast amounts of money into the wedding ceremony to make it extremely extravagant, whereas the lower class families tend to just complete the essential rituals that are part of the wedding. However, in both cases amusement and entertainment play a major role in carrying out the wedding ceremony. The Hindu wedding that I attended was a middle-upper class wedding in which both the bride and the groom’s families were of the same Hindu origin. In most Hindu cultures, it is crucial for the families of both the bride and the groom to be of the same stature. That, however, is changing with time. The overall wedding in the Hindu culture lasts from a couple of days to a week. There are a number of rituals that take place on each day and each ritual symbolizes a certain aspect of life. The wedding I attended was of a close friend’s sister. So, therefore, I experienced more rituals from the bride’s side. I also managed to have a fifteen minute conversation with the priest, who was present on the wedding day. This was mainly to gain an understanding of Hinduism and the significance of certain customs that took place. (ADD More) Fundamentally, there are eight types of marriages in the Hindu culture according to the Laws of Manu or Manusmriti. All eight symbolize different groups of people and their values in society. I asked the priest how all eight were different...
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