Hindu Terms Map

Topics: Chakra, Yoga, Life Pages: 5 (943 words) Published: February 7, 2011
Hindu Terms Map
|Word |What is your personal understanding |After reading the text, how would |What differences did you find | | |of each of these terms? |you redefine each of them? |between the popular usage and actual| | | | |definitions? | |Karma |Karma refers to the action and its |Fisher (2008) says that “Every act |Actual definition also cautions the | | |consequences that can be succinctly |we make, and even every thought and |person to purify himself not only on| | |put into the proverb “What you sow |every desire we have, shape our |the level of action but also on the | | |is what you reap.” If we help |future experiences. Our life is what|level of thought and emotions to | | |others, good things will happen to |we have made it. Not only do we reap|spread good vibes for happier life. | | |us. If we hurt others, bad things |in this life the good or evil we |Popular usage considers only the | | |will happen to us. |have sown; they also follow us after|expression of person in their | | | |physical death, affecting our next |action. | | | |incarnation. (Chapter 3: Hinduism)” | | | | |I would redefine Karma in which | | | | |subtleties of thought, emotion, and | | | | |action each affects the possible | | | | |consequences of life extending | | | | |beyond current life. | | |Reincarnation |I understand than if living being |According to Fisher (2008), “One |Actual definition and popular usage | | |does not purify themselves from the |takes birth again and again in |remains similar as both accommodate | | |chain of karmas either good or bad, |countless bodies—perhaps as an |the lessons of life to align the | | |their soul takes rebirth in another |animal or some other life form—but |action for better deeds to realize | | |body after death. They got new body |the self remains the same. Birth as |the ultimate truth. Actual | | |or life depending on their karmas in|a human being is a precious and rare|definition contains liberation as | | |previous life. |opportunity for the soul to advance |the goal of reincarnation process | | | |toward its ultimate goal of |but popular usage misses that point.| | | |liberation from rebirth and merging | | | | |with the Absolute Reality. (Chapter | | | | |3: Hinduism)” I redefine | | | |...
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