Hindu Reflection

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  • Published : April 4, 2012
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Hindu Reflection
For my reflection paper I visited a Hindu Temple. The name of the Temple was called Hindu Temple of Tyler. I had called ahead of time to ask what the proper attire was for a visitor and they said just to dress modestly. So I decided just to wear a nice button up shirt with khakis. When I first pulled up, I saw the Temple through all the large trees and forestry. The Temple was in a really nice area in The Woodlands and was in a great location. The middle section of the temple was much larger and taller than the smaller buildings connected to the left and right side. I saw that there were several elephant statues on the outside of the building. These elephant status are very symbolic to their religion and their beliefs. These elephant statues appeared to be made of stone. There was a big door in the middle building but when I observed several people walking up to the temple, those doors were not used. There were carvings on this building and they were just there to make the temple seem sacred to Hindus. There were seven golden crowns at the top of the temple and those seven crowns were meant to be transmitters. They transmit the messages of the gods and goddesses to the whole city and take the voice of the Hindus from their home. I knew what all of this meant because I asked someone as we stood outside. There was a sign on the outside that said Temple Entrance so I entered into the Temple that way. As I came into the door, there was a sign to remove your shoes and put them in a specific area. As Professor Swanson said in our class “lecture”, you are supposed to take off your shoes because shoes are usually dirty and so you wouldn’t want to make the temple (house of God) dirty. Since the upstairs is a place of worship, there must be no dirt. With having to take my shoes off I was a little confused at first but realized that they consider this place to be very sacred. It was just different. I entered into a big room and the...
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